New swag: bags and iPad pouches πŸŽ‰



@Rodrigo how do you put things on featured


We push a button on a website.


Imagine if they made stuff like

Warning: None of this stuff is ever gonna get on Threadless

HS pencils
HS stickers
HS erasers
HS safety pins
HS character plushies
HS iPad cases
HS notepads
HS tissues (lol)
HS toys
HS character hoodies
HS jackets
HS pens
HS notecards
HS book on how to code (lol)
HS socks
HS pants
HS t-shirts with ALL the characters
HS stress balls
HS magnets (lol)


_ @Rodrigo could I try doing that please teach me


No, you can't. I can't teach you. Sorry. You can nominate them. :slight_smile:


How do I get to work at Hopscotch @Rodrigo


That's been discussed before. You can see more information here:



How do I send you an email I don't know how


@PrincessBunny1 how old are you? You can't work there until you've completed college and all that


I mean like in the future I just want to contact @Rodrigo


Okay :wink:


Do you know how to email them


Not really. I think that's something I can figure out in the future, so I'm not to worried right now.


Could you ask somebody for there email


I don't know... I'm only twelve years old, I don't know much about emails...


Aye great social experiment results

FYI I think that is a little rude :wink:


You can email them at


Do you think you could make pouches with different patterns? Like, maybe one with different colored hopscotch shapes scattered across the pouch?

Also, it would be cool if there was one with all the hopscotch characters, in the same style as what I said before!


O ok that makes more cenc (sorry for spelling error)


Totally! We might be able to do this in the future. The ones we added now were the easiest to add, and when we have more time we'll make others.