New swag: bags and iPad pouches 🎉



Idk what's it called
but the one that have the "help with code","collab" and "bugs"
I thought there's only 3 of them


I don't think we can make pajamas.


I don't understand the first part of your post. Are you planning to launch T-shirts?

Yes, there are tactics to think of ideas. It's not a straightforward way, it's not like "let me come up with ideas". And there's definitely not "aha!" moments. I don't believe in "aha!" moments. You can use design techniques and exercises to come up with ideas, there's no guarantee that you'll have a good result, but you need to keep iterating.


Imagine iPad cases

And iPhone cases

or maybe even hs stickers hahah


I think there should be Hopscotch necklaces! :D
Like, a simple necklace but with a Hopscotch charm on it.
I'd wear it.


I doubt I'd have anywhere near the talent or work ethic to launch T-shirts. I meant that I'd put these on a wishlist for Christmas. Sorry for a poorly-worded segment.

Thank you very much for the reply!


It was supposed to represent how girls can code just as well as boys can. Since a lot of people think that boys are better at coding than girls.


Which designs do you think you'll be able to make for sweatshirts?


@Meg do you know if Threadless ship other countries other than the USA? thanks :))


@Rodrigo @Liza @Meg
sorry this is off topic but can you put @Alittlequsid off hold? so It can post and stuff


They do. They ship everywhere


Oh, I see, I see. Ok, cool. You welcome. :slight_smile:


Well, which one do you like?


I just ordered a black cupcake t shirt :slight_smile:
also, can you make socks and/or backpacks?


Heh, well, I like all of the designs for T-Shirts. If you're going to make sweatshirts, then, I suggest using the same designs as the T-shirts, and adding a design for the Hopscotch logo with a white background.


@rodrigo could I ask you something


Yes. You are free to ask whatever you want as I'm free to answer (or not). You don't need to ask before asking. :slight_smile:


@Rodrigo could I make a snowman maker where you dress it up and do you think I will get on featured


Ok, then I guess ill buy an adult shirt and use it like pajamas :joy:


I can't guarantee what's gonna be on featured, sorry.