New swag: bags and iPad pouches πŸŽ‰



Not quite sure I understand; do you mean a channel called Random?


Good idea! We haven't added new designs yet, but we're definitely dreaming up some new ones.


Umm I can order them right if so how long do you think it well get here...




May I ask a question, @Meg? Who designs the characters for Hopscotch that are now on the bags?
Just wondering.


That's a question that Threadless can answer better than I can. I think they tell you on their FAQ page. It will also probably tell you when you go to check out how long it will take. The time may vary depending on where you live.


You sure can! These designs are all by @rodrigo.


They look cool! I have a suggestion: You should do more hopscotch character designs and there should be backpacks and socks!


How many t shirts have been sold


I'm a boy and I actually want that shirt. The founder and creator of Hopscotch is a girl. So, yeah :slight_smile:


We can't. Sorry. :confused: Also, I don't know if we want to.


Oh, actually, we can do this. Which design you want as a hoodie?


Haha, we can't answer that question, sorry. Why do you want to know? Are you planning to invest in Hopscotch?


Yeah XD


I think a good design would be the Hopscotch logo, with both black and white options for backgrounds. The sweatshirts could come in all of the same designs as the T-shirts, except for what I said above^ If you aren't able to do that, then I think the most important designs to have would be the Hopscotch logo, the "Code like a girl" design, and some of the more important characters, like Bear, and the parrot.


Hahaha, why do you think Parrot or Bear are more important than other characters? Isn't that a subjective opinion?


I actually have no idea :joy:
I'm not that familiar with the characters, and I guess, I felt that Bear was kind of the "main character," because he (or she?)'s on the loading pages and such. I don't know about Parrot–it was just the first thing that came to mind after Bear.


Can you make hopscotch pajamas?

If you can that would be cool


I think he means that this topic isn't in the help with code, bugs, or collab category.


I'm definitely keeping an eye on these products, haha. Christmas is coming up, after all.

I honestly doubt I'd be able to come up with a good design for these products, as you have to keep in mind all the complicated stuff; how fast these things can be made, how many people will want them, the way that people outside of HS will perceive themβ€”being a designer must be stressful!
I'm not sure if this is on-topic, but, @Rodrigo, if I may ask, are there any tactics one can use to think of ideas? Is there any straightfoward way to think of ideas? Or is it more of an aha!-moment kind of thing?