New swag: bags and iPad pouches 🎉



Dude -_-
This is the HOPSCOTCH Forum
If you don't know what it is, then leave


OK then.
Why should I leave.


Because, this is the HOPSCOTCH forum
Here is where people talk about HOPSCOTCH
People join this to do stuff about HOPSCOTCH


unless your skint...


What do you think of these

  • A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty good
  • eh :confused:
  • omg so cringey


Choose up to 4 options


no words


iPhone/iPad covers
luggage XD
Idk XD


@meg off topic but how can you get the random category?


Sorry of this sounds bad but what percent of the profits do you keep


Awsome! I like all posts from @meg and @Liza


A MagmaPOP tee shirt would be a bit strange though

There are a lot of great hopscotchers so why just him?


I leike da Chillanna and Cupcake ones. :3


I'm saving up for a bag or punch sometime soon.,


You are only supposed to use the current OMTL, which means you have to always copy it directly from the topic.
I've said this before, but please don't use the OMTL without the owner of the topics's permission.

I'm really sorry for being so harsh, sorry.


Awesome! I'm still hoping you'll make (hoodie) sweatshirts next :D

  • Yes, make sweatshirts!
  • No, don't make sweatshirts! D:


Votes are public.


Uhhh...that...was very...random XD
Just imagine it though...


Its an app! A coding app! Do you have it?
If you don't you may not understand what we talk about on here because this is a website where we talk about hopscotch...


Yup, prices are on the website!


Threadless gets most of it since they print and ship it; we get a couple dollars from each, but they keep about 80% of it.


@Meg could you look at this