New swag: bags and iPad pouches πŸŽ‰



Hi Hopscotchers!

I've got some good news. The people at Threadless (the folks who print our tee shirts) just rolled out some new swag. That means we can offer more items in the Hopscotch Swag Center!

Our latest additions? Pouches and bags.

There are two sizes of pouches: small (8.5" x 6") and large (12.5" x 8.5"). The small one can fit an iPod/iPhone and the larger one can fit a mini or regular iPad. (Sorry, iPad Pro, you're too big.)

There are four different types of bags: a 13" x 13", a 16" x 16", an 18" x 18", and a 24" x 16". Once you select one of the bags, you can open the drop down and see all of the size options. It can be a book bag, a lunch bag, a tote for your sports gear, whatever!

Threadless ships anywhere in the world, so don't worry if you're not in the U.S. You can see the prices as well as info about shipping on the site.

Remember, if you need help buying something send the folks at Threadless, our shop host, an email at

The reason Threadless handles these questions is because they store all your credit card information. and print and ship all the tee shirts. So if you need help with any of these things, they're the best place to go for help. (They don’t decide what is IN our shop though, so don’t tell them that we should sell dog leashes or whatever you want us to sellβ€”tell us that :slight_smile: ).

We'll keep you posted as we roll out more options. Happy Hopscotching, y'all! :slight_smile:


YAAAAAY! Awesome!

If only I had cash! Wooooo!




Cool and 5th like 3rd post
@Meg @Liza can u publish one with the hopscotch logo ??? And can I publish a project about this??


Totally! We'll try to make one with the Hopscotch logo on it next. We would've used the H from the tee shirt, but in order for it to look good, we have to resize it for a bag and a pouch.

And yes, please make a project about it! Would love to see it in the community.


Ok !!!
I am asking my parents if I can buy them for Christmas a t-shirt a porch and a bag that will be so awesome !!!


Awesome! My iPad (air 2) needs a pouch at some point XD

They should also make iPad cases!


Oh man, cases would be so cool! Can't wait until Threadless lets us make them.


Lots of additions this week, eh?


Here is the project it's not my best cause I did it quickly


So awesome! That's some terrific looking swag.


Yup, when Threadless rolls out new things, they go big!


Thx I could have done the corners better though and the side of the bag and yeah i hava a lot to improve on the project though but thx 4 saying it's swag


Wowwwwwwwww!!!! These are amazing! :laughing:
Thank you sooooo much!! I hope I will be able to get one for Christmas! :blush:


That's okay! Actually, it's awesome to recognize the parts you could do better because you can improve them next time. I try to do that every time I make a project. It's a great way to push yourself and improve your skills!


Just a question here if you don't mind me asking :thinking:, how do you and THT come up with such good merchandise ideas? :smile: @Meg


@Meg Many you could make hopscoch style (mainly for drawers) hears a quick sketch (it could come in different colors)


@Meg are yo still on?


Nice, that's a good idea! Here's hoping Threadless lets us offer that item in the future.


WOO! This is so cool!

I would buy one if my mom would let me.