New story coming soon



This is a story about what a character goes through when dying in a game…

A world of darkness.
A world of fallen fighters.
All who have fallen… to bring back the life they have lost…
You’re sent to a world of unknown… you help these fallen fighters and characters to have life again…
Risking the chance of never having life again… are you able to save these people…?



Good plot!


Creepy! Very creepy.

I like it.


Amazing story! I’d love to be tagged when it’s released and play it!


I like the plot too!


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I got tolled this when I did this…

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Im just going off what I have been tolled though, might be wrong. Great plot though


I was never told that but it probably does but yea


This definetly sounds a bit creepy and scary, but I’m sure that it will turn out good!




yeeeeeeeeeet everybody yeet
dabs on them haters


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