New Sounds On Hopscotch


Ok, so I know there are a lot of

Dear The Hopscotch Team, can you add more piano notes?

Dear The Hopscotch Team, can you add a Hold Note for ___ seconds ability?

Dear The Hopscotch Team, Can we be lamps?

Nigahiga fans will understand this

But I was thinking of adding::::::
Violin Notes!
They give the project a more sophisticated sound than the xylophone-y piano notes, and they are richer in tone and sound!


I want to be able to record sounds!


Nobody's getting the Nigahiga reference are they


I'm not! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah! I recently discovered a guy called Makism Mvirca, and he is an EXTREME piano player. (He even has an album, called the piano player XD) His songs/songs that he play often have violins accompanying them


I get it :laughing: Nigahiga
Was that supposed to be like a 'Dear Ryan'?


Yes! I got it! I love his vids!


So Violins On Hopscotch= 2 times the awesome!
Seriously, that's a great idea. They have such a good sound, especially to accompany a piano.


Yeah, but it will be kind of weird as well. Think about it. Violins often slur, and can Staccato as well. How is THT going to manage to slur the violin notes, and prevent it from being choppy, when all they can do is add something to the piano?


Violin (or viola, or cello, or bass! ) notes would be awesome! Isn't their a way to combine notes to get a sound?


Wow, that joke though @OrangeScent1. This would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad that the Lamps are prevalent in Hopscotch!!
And @Follow4LikesOfficial yes, they slur, but they are good alone as well!


My friend Bethany plays 12 different instruments and she plays violin, too.


meme extreme


That second meme is offensive to Japanese people


I play piano, i played cello for a short while. But as well as violin sounds, maybe we can upload our own music! (A bit like Scratch)



Seriously? Are you trying to tick me off?


No :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry if you got irritated


There should be a "change instrument to" block, and some options of instruments to choose. Then the next note blocks would be played in the instrument you chose!