New Sound Effects



Are there ever going to be any new sound effects?


idk. Ask THT I bet they have other things that are more important to add though


Probably not.
There are quite a few already and you can make lots of different things, especially with the notes.


But some people don’t play the piano.They should add more sound effects


I think that the only ones who knows it are THT (The Hopscotch Team). Maybe you can email them at and ask?


According to @FRENCH_WAVE123 the Hopscotch team is working on giving subscribers the featured to record their own sounds.

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i… highly doubt that will happen for obvious reasons


I think what they could do is to allow GarageBand projects (songs) to be exported to HS in a draft.

But I agree with @memorablechickenyay, having users be able to use their own sounds (voice, I’m thinking) could allow them to bypass the filter, say some things we’d rather not hear, or give out personal information.



thing is tho, even if it was garage band songs, they could import sounds from other apps using AUs or cross-app stuff


You don’t need to play the piano do to that, really, you just have to sit there for an hour an make a song… and after that you will pretty much memorise the notes


There is absolutely no harm in emailing and asking!!


Hello! Cool! Sounds like funnnn


They should makee a real piano instead of a xylophone


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What’s your Hopscotch account?

And in response to @happysheep, they could add more instruments too. The dink of the notes kind of ruins my songs.


They should not only give subscribers the opportunities to make their own song.Everyone should get an opportunity!


?? What do you mean ??
And also… why are there soooo many new accounts on this topic??


@Stal98, have you heard the HS notes? They sound like a xylophone, and not an actual instrument.


True… true

Well, I like the noise they make anyway


Everywhere, actually.


Well, I guess some don’t.

as in happysheep