New song I may make, ideas/help/support is needed



i really want to make this song.. because she is my fav singer and i need help to make one so here you can help with the projects and give ideas and sign up to help..

please watch it!


pls she is my model i want to look like so please make my dream come true by helping me make this song!


someone please help...:slightly_smiling:


Have some patience. You made the topic 5 minutes ago.


sorry im just reall excited about this...!! i could like scream


She's a favorite of mine, too. I'm a terrible musician, so all I can give you is support. Good luck!


thanks ! ohh i was listening to her songs all morning!


I have never heard of Meghan Trainor so I don't think I could be of any help.


oh ok but please watch the video because u will fall in love and also everyone invite as many people as u can!




You say I'm not hurt? I have really hurt feelings and anger issues


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Sorry! I'm so bad at music! Like LazyLizard I can only support you! Good luck


Why u no tag me?
I'm a good musician!
So... Do you want help as in...
Do the music for you?


Give you guidance?


!help me but you can make it if u want


In what way?



I really wish I could help! But I am not very good with music on Hopscotch. I would if I could :confused: