New slash mobs coming! Need help though!


Hi guys, this is the first time I am on the fourm! So I want someone to tell me how things work here! Then, I also need help with so stuff. Does anyone know how to decrease you values of e.g. Money while increasing the cost of the item? And I also want to give a shoutout to Jason-universal for helping me out!


Hello, @Wateryninja!

Assuming you mean to lower your money and to raise the cost of an item—

You need two seperate values. Let's call them value MONEY and value COST.

When, say, you tap on an object, you:

Increase MONEY by [-10] (or any other negative number)
Increase COST by [10] (or any other number)


Welcome to the forum! I don't think I can help with your value situation, but I think many other amazing Hopscotchers can help. :D


If you haven't already, put a check once if around the two value blocks.

Check Once If
MONEY > (COST - 1)
If so,
Increase MONEY by [-10] (or any other negative number)
Increase COST by [10] (or any other number)


Welcome @Wateryninja!! Here is a great forum tutorial that will definitely help you out.

You can do:
When Game Starts
Set Value "Cost" To: [any number you want]

When ____ Is Tapped
Check Once If "Money" > ("Cost" - 1)
Increase Value "Money" By: "Cost"
Increase Value "Cost" By: [any number you want]

Is that what you mean? I can get screenshots if you don't get it. @XiaoMiaoMi's method would also work.


Thanks you soooooo much for helping me but I know that we need separate value. I did that but I don't mean that. Maybe I Wasn't clear. I mean when the increase damage is tapped, check once if money count is bigger than money needed, then increase damage by 1, increase money count by -money needed. But there is now -value blocks so I am really confused right now.


Okay, hold on. I'll try to send you screenshots...

Just need to get this set up a bit.


Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood.

When ____ Is Tapped
Check Once if "Money" > "Cost" -1
Increase Value "Money" By ("Cost" x -1)
Increase Value "Damage" By: 1

You need to do ("Cost" x (times/multiplied by) -1) to make the Value negative.


Nevermind, someone already said it.

EDIT: Oh, and @Intellection74 said it as well XD


Yes, you could totally use that method, but using a variable is easier, because you can change its worth very easily and it won't mess up the game (depending on how the variable is used). :smiley:


Thx guys! Your all the best! But I am having problems with this now. After decreasing the value, it decreased it by the cost but needs two extra more. Can you guys fix that too or should I add in tips... Anyways, if you'd liked to view that project, my username is zigzagninja.


And I was about to give credits to anyone who helped me with that.


Hm. I'm checking out your project and seeing what caused it.


Thx guys! I just loved the warmth in the fourm!


Hm, do you mean this isn't working?

What did you expect to happen when you tap this? What happened instead? Is this not what you mean? How does this part of your game work? Sorry, I'm a little confused about what's wrong. @Wateryninja


Yes! This is what's wrong! Should I send in a guide on what's wrong?


Yes, a guide would be super helpful. Thanks!


Here's what's wrong:


That's the only thing wrong now.



Idk if I can help with this yet...

But welcome! Tag ma anytime you want help by typing "@KVJ"!