New Sketch Pad with CUSTOM COLORS



I'm going to start working on a sketch pad, the sketch pad will only have custom colors!
Post your favorite custom color like this for example, HSB(100,100,100)


i reccomend 50, 150, 46. it's a good skin color.


Always wanted to have custom colors. Great idea


HSB (160,100,100)



Maybe you could let others create their own colors if you could. That would be really cool


Wait a second, there's a big HSB/Custom/Secret colors topic…


I'll give a follow if you give me a custom color


Here it is. And HSB(0,0,0) creates pure black.
And we use the site for HSB colors.


still need about 50 more


ik how to make custom colors, just want all of you people's ideas


I like (240,100,100)

It is neon green, right? XD


dude73, neon green is HSB(100,100,100)