New series sneak-peek!



Hey guys! I'm working on a new series! Here is a sneak-peek:

Don't worry, I will make a school video soon, and btw I am using the new emojis for this so it will be cool! Until next time, (🤓)



And first one to reply ALSO gets free likes!


Ok hi sounds cool and the bunny has red eyes!!


I know that's because the bunny emoji just looks like that


Please don't use those new emojis because my mom won't update my iPad so I see them as question marks.


Try secretly doing the update. That's what I did.


How? I don't know mymom's password. Boy, if your parents found out, you'd be in trouble! My mom check this iPad, so she'd know if something was different.


(this post was edited) @comicvillestudios, sorry if this is rude but I think flagging someone before giving a reminder is like telling on the teacher before reminding them, and I really can't stand it


No she doesn't really download things. I'd never spy on her to get her password. ever because it's terribly wrong


Maybe whenever I make a video for it, I'll tell you what the new emojis are.


I'm sorry @Ihasfluffycupcakes but spying on someone to get the password is wrong. Terribly wrong, unfortunately I have to flag this post. I apologize.


What happened when you did it? You just pressed download and install?


Can you remind me before flagging


It told me to put in the password, and it took me to a "terms of use" page and you would have to agree or disagree, I agreed and it took a few minutes, and then it downloaded and gave me new emojis


If this continues I may stop posting


I'm never gonna look at this conversation ever again


Can we please end this whole "don't spy on people" conversation?


@comicvillestudios how do you even know she actually meant it? Also, the flag button isn't for when someone makes a mistake and asks if they can do something that's wrong. Unless if it's inappropriate. And spying is not inappropriate. It may be wrong to do, but not inappropriate.


Wow thank you. Your the only person who actually agreed with me.


Can you plz respond 20 characters