New rexdraw pad!



Check out my rexdraw project at! It has mirror draw, rainbow, Plasmo and MORE


To learn about drawing challenges, visit


Um hi there


Hi! Did you check out my project? Do you like it?


I checked it out, it is cool! Great job!


Thanks! Soon I'll start working on a new update!


I like it a lot, I don't know how people make cool stuff like that...

Cool person: I made a drawing pad, no biggie
Me: Um... I put a bear in the middle of a screen and published it, um... yup


Check the code if you want to!
Here's how you save something:

It saves the values to other values, so even when you change the values, the save values stay the same until you save something again! Then, when you tap custom, it sets the values to the save values!
Anything else you would like to learn how to do?

  • Mirror draw
  • Change draw
  • Colors/width
  • Plasmo (who is he?)
  • no


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Whoa...... This was the first topic I made EVER.... It deserves a bump! Remember how I didn't really introduce myself, I just sorta showed up one day?


@someone45356 its this one


i am eh happy for your collaboration that i didnt ask for.

but ok.


huh i guess this is my first topic

and also the first version of my drawing pad


True, my first post was a reply to SmileyAllysa’s Q&A (which i didn’t realize was outdated at the time lol)


@014 i dare you to find my first project