New projects : (pixel art, trail art, games etc.)



Hello and welcome to the new project topic! I notice a lot of people create topics about their recent made projects, it's great although what if we put it in one topic? I'm definitely going to use this topic and I hope you will to!

On here you can

  • post your recent pixel art, trail art, games and more

  • compliment on games (if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say it)

  • give examples on how people can improve there games

  • have fun exploring awesome projects!

I recommend you make a tag list for when you make projects here's the link!
Tap me for make a tag list topic!

Please stay on topic and reply with positive not negative comments, thanks @Dolphin_coders


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Lollypop pixel art published!

The following people will be tagged when Dolphy creates pixel art



This topic is kinda similar:


Oh ooops! (I think I might just use it for my projects :wink: )


Cool, good idea! I'll put this on watching


Great topic, @Dolphin_coders

I worked really hard on this project:

Check out my latest topic for more info!


That's awesome @blastfusion! Definitely feature worthy!
One thing to improve it is maybe improve the jumps to make it more swift but other than that the graphics and game is amazing.


OMG that's awesome! I could never do that!


that's better than my Dino Sprint :joy:




That needs featured.


Hey ! @Petrichor

What do you think about my final version of Dino Run?

Am I annoying you?


I'll check it out when I'm done on the forum. Thanks for reminding me!


I really hope it gets featured!

The following people will be tagged when Dolphy creates pixel art, if you want to be on the list tell me :)



@lollypopcorn do you want to nominate it for featured?


It definitely deserves featured! :o





Awesome dolphy :D


Looks great, @Dolphin_coders!


Gonna nominate it right now! :D