New project! ROBOT MADNESS


Ihave made a project called ROBOT MADNESS! here is a picture of it!

@DMF @HoppingBanana @Bananadog @Supergirly @BlockFaceORIGINAL @TheGreenBanana @KVJ @Candycane @BB-Box @tankt2016 @SmilingSnowflakes


Wow! Looks great, @Awsome! Amazing work!


Thanks! Congrats on the feature @DMF!


Thank you very much!


Awesome! It stands up to your name!


The robots look awesome.
I love the top hats you made for them


I'll have a look properly a little later (too many notifs)


Wow! That looks @Awsome, Awesome!


that looks @Awsome!


I like how you added the top hats!


Yeah top hats are very British :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome job!!! It looks great @Awsome!!! XD