New project ! Please check it out! Need feedback!



Hey guys ! I made a new project ! It's of a snail. Here is the link and a picture. I worked really hard on it , so I hope you like it ! Please give feedback! Mr. Snail ! here is the pic.


I love it! Super cute!


Good work! Omg it's so cute!

Prepare for spam likes... >:3


That is a LOT of likes ! You guys must have liked my first project ! Ya filled up my whole activity page ! Lol ! ;D ! Thanks @RenegadeBird1 !


Very cute! I really like molascics, arachneds, and arthropods!


Hey ! @Liza please check this out ! Tell me what you think!


Great! Your a amazing coder!


Wow that is a outstandingly outstanding job it looks smooth and realistic!:clap:


Hey @smishsmash , @AHappyCoder , @Huggingfluffybear, @RenegadeBird1 or @bluedogmc-official ( the people who replied ;D ) any ideas on other things I could make ? Oh and btw what did you think of Mr. Snail ?

  • OMG ! Totally adorable !
  • cute.
  • so so
  • meh
  • not the best
  • needs improvement. NOW !
  • bad and boring
  • No comment 0-0



Lol is this even a question? I love it!! :D


I love it!!! Its so cute and creative!!!


Mr.snail was very creative and adorable!


Awesome! It reminds me of the waving snail from adventure time a little bit.