New Project! Personal Timeline Creator - make your own today!


So in this project you go into the code, and change all the dates and descriptions of what happened that day. And just make a very cool timeline. This only took like 2 hours to make, and has been an idea of mine for like a week or so.

If you have to, change the position and sizes of the text!
Remix with your timeline!


Sorry if you got tagged twice.


That’s so cool!!! :000
I can’t check it rn, cuz I’m on my phone, but I definitely will later!


That seems fun!


Thanks. I would like your posts but out of likes :frowning:


Lol so am I :000000


How do you run out of likes? Do you guys spamlike or what? I’ve only run out of likes once, when I was spamliking


This is a really good idea ! :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


This is so cool and fascinating!!! How did you keep track of the dates?!


I had screenshots from my first trending and featured, and I have some dates saved here. Lol


That looks so cool! I’ll have to check it out :+1: