New project must read by:cloudy aka linemstudio



okay so I abandoned my old project pizza delivery becuase well... It wasn't really good as I suspected so I have a new ideal: creator pad ultra okay you wondering what is this thing well here's some background (please give comments for improvements):

  1. Its a mix of coloring pad, art pad, and background creator
  2. settings up to a 4 way mirror on art pad, drawing tips from other hopscotchers (please comment about this to for tips), fill, 3D draw, odomadic shape maker (egg, cloud, circle, ect.), a pixel art area
  3. a tab that will lead you to a free to use color area with different colors
  4. a tab that leads you to a coloring pad with different things like color in the flower or color in the bear
  5. ask the OC area (optional)
    now its your turn to list ideals I will consider every comment and don't forget to give drawing tips




anymore comments or stuff like that I will give credit!


Don't make jagged edges unless you need them! This happens when you first start out. Make smooth lines!


thanks :smile: is a tip???


Wow I don't think I could make that In a million years lol


okay Im starting it non-stop! wish me luck




thanks for the notice and @StRiKe_Charler123 thanks to :hugging:


What notice?


I didn't mean you about the notice I meant the men to :slight_smile:


any other answers? Before the due date 4/17/16


here's a quick pic: I changed the name to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: