New project: Make a Bold Text!



Hi! I published a new project called "Make a Bold Text!" What do you think about it?

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Credit to @Intellection74 for some blocks and HSB's!


It has Neon Green.

Therefore it's awesome.


It looks amazing! I love the code in the second picture!


Thanks, @Kiwicute2016 and @KVJ!


That looks amazing!

It's really neat and kewl! Nice job! :D


That's REALLY amazing! :D

Everything about it is awesome, but the fact that you show the viewer the code behind it is really great :D
Nice work @DMF ! :D


I love the code bit at the end!!



It's very very awesome amazing p!

Very very great job!


That's amazing! I love how it shows you the code for your text, and in the form of the blocks!


Sorry, but... Bye! See you next weekends!
(Thanks for nominating on featured, @KVJ and @BB-Box!)


That looks awesome! Great job!


Great job. I'll have to check it out. Give me a sec.


No proβ!

Αηδ βγε!!

Αlsο @EP125


That's super awesome! The code blocks are helpful to other coders as well!


Great job!! Awesome blocks. :smiley:


This is ABSOLUTELY sick! :smiley:


Next big project! Definitely a top featured!


That is awesome! Amazing work, the trail art is outstanding!


Great work! :D


That's great! I'll nominate it for featured just gimme a sec....