New Project Coming Soon! FINISHED!


Hey guys! This is my game I Am making on my iM (iMercury) account!

I don't want to give any spoilers.
It has a very interesting story behind it. I could write a whole essay just about what inspired me to make this project.
Anyways, I MIGHT hold a music contest for this project. I am going to try a technique I thought of earlier to create the music. If that fails, plan B is that contest.

There's just one thing I'm disappointed about: The instructions are probably going to be their OWN project! I've made progress, and to add the start screen and instructions would mean going back into nearly every line of code and changing it!

Anyways, the game will come out in about 5 days to 2 weeks... yeah, I honestly don't know when it will come out!

I hope you enjoy the game when it comes out!

  • Catface4/iM


I think it is a text adventure game.


Yeah, the rainbow is the "platform" you run on.


I finished the project!:


Love it, it's amazing!