New project- Collab



Have u ever seen games made by telltale? If so come here. Im making a new project similar to that. It consists of star girl being the main character


I haven´t seen Telltale games, because I don´t play games that much. And I am sorry, I am too busy with other collabs right now.


This is a pretty interesting concept, telltale games are very cool. :D


@Dude73 are you in???


I can’t, I’ve got dance all day for a while longer. :/


This sounds cool! I could definitely join after I finish up with the next blob adventure update.


I will give u ideas for your project. My project can wait


Thanks! You could also start thinking up things for telltale, so that when I am done, we can get straight to coding.


Thanks @EP125 im glad u join my collab