New project! Any comments or suggestions?



Hi guys! This topic is for projects I've created, and if there are any comments and suggestions before I publish, because everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes I need to touch on a few things before I publish them. c:

Here's the first project that I want to show you! I was bored and on Google, and I found this awesome picture that's sure to make someone's day! So, I decided to hopscotchify it! :D

Here's a picture of what it looks like! It's not published yet, so I can definitely add some more things to it!

Any comments or suggestions? Anything I could change or add to it to make it look better? A background? More code? Tell me what you think!


Oh, I remember seeing this gif on the internet! It's adorable!

Good work! You could give it blush, bigger eyes, bear/bunny ears, or even the heart a cute face!
It's a nice project, overall!


How could I not think of that! :0 Silly me...

I will definitely consider those ideas, and give you full credit! :D


@Maltese what you could do is make the arms not overlap the head


That was the only thing I forgot to fix.... Let me work on that. :D

Thank you for reminding me! I will you give you credit also!


New and improved! What do you think now? :D

Do you think it would look better with a background or without a background?

  • With a background!
  • Without a background!



I personally think that it looks better without a background. Since there are no more suggestions or comments, I think I'm going to publish! :D Any last minute comments or suggestions before I upload it to Hopscotch?


I like it! It looks cute!



Thanks! I think I'll publish it now! :D

clicks button and... published!

Thank you so much for the ideas, by the way, @RenegadeBird1! I really appreciate it! :)


First like! :DDD


Let me guess, it's based off of this one.


Whoa, system edits stuff. Must be the copyright thing.


Yeah, but I didn't have time to do the whole thing.. :D

Maybe I will do that next!


I think it looks adorable @Maltese!


Thanks!!! :D

I just really want to make people feel happier with my project.


Yeah, for a 2.0 coded GIF version!


Yeah! I will definitely get started soon! It would really be awesome if I could code it, because that whole gif is what I intend to do on the forum, and on Hopscotch. :)


Reviving? ....

Well, I have a new project that's text art!

I definitely plan to add more to it, it looks kind of plain.

What do you guys think I should add? Any comments, or suggestions?





Pure adorableness. :O

I suggest moving the little white dots into the eyes! :D

I don't know, just try it, and if you don't like it, change it back. XD


Exactly what I was thinking. XD

Yeah, I'll definitely do that. I'm thinking of adding bubbles to it, like it's speaking, then put a heart or something... Idk