New Profile Pictures (yey)


Hello, humans (and other creatures)! I want everyone to be happy with their profile picture. For example: I used to be a rainbow chicken, and now I'm a drawing that I made myself. Big difference, but now I'm happy. Just tell me what might want for a profile pic and I'll find you one that will (hopefully XD) make you happier. :D
@HappyPerson hoi


Umm can you find one for me please!


What do you think you'd like? :D
(Like what's yout fav color, animal, other stuff.)


I like mine already no thanks


I don't know!

Just surprise me!


Surprise me.


Do u think u can find me a dolphin gif? Or a pic that has to do with dolphins and dogs together? Thx


I already made a topic for this :)

It's called "Profile pic suggestions!"


:0 sry, should I delete this after I find ones that have already been suggested???


We can merge this! That would probably be best :D


There's no leaders to merge and idk about tht


I don't know how merging works... I'll just do the requests and then recycle. :wink:
( I did it a while ago and it messed up everything :\ )


Oh yeah... D:

TBH, I'm not really happy with THTs decision. I respect it, but now what will happen when things like this happen? There's no one to merge it ;-;





There's me waiting for the perfect moment to post the diamond and pearl theme


Hi, @TheRainbowChicken. It's so weird that mine didn't get any posts. :disappointed:
I'm unpopular…thought so​:persevere:



Open since May 2nd, 5 likes, 0 posts...
Open for almost a day, 7 likes, 16 posts.

@Maltese why. This is ridiculous.


Shows that I'm less popular. I get it :disappointed:


@TheRainbowChicken your rainbow chakin profile pic was how I remembered you
Imma stalker​:smiling_imp:


That's so unfair D:

What's the topic, would you like me to reply or something? :)