New Profile Picture! (+Potatolover's General Topic)


Hey guys. I know I did a question yesterday.
I don't know what to do for mine. I have a few drafts, but mine got boring.

What ones should I finish/put up?

This one is of me in my favorite Vocaloid's clothing. (I was lazy to draw details.)

I drew this for a project, but I really like it.

I'm not a fan of this one, but you guys might be.

Not necessarily ME, but it's my Percy Jackson OC.

Let me know what one you like!


Inner-Piper: Oh Piper, I like all of them!
Me: Well, pick one.
Inner-Piper: :/. I can't.
Me: Then get out of here.

(I do stuff like this, I'm sorry. Just kidding about the 'get out of here' part.


I like the one with green hair best


That one took about in hour. It was finished in Spanish class....I was bored.


The others are good to! Did you draw those? If so, can you draw me a new profile picture?


I did, free hand. A request, you ask?


Ummm... a cool taco dude with blue hair and green at the tips of the hair


Neat, or at least a little sloppy?
Shaded or creased?
This will take a bit, but one day I'll get back to you.


Can you plz draw me ?

I am with shot brown hair and whit a puppy suit and a short dress and a long pants plz draw me plz


I'll get to both or you guys hopefully soon! Did this suddenly turn into a request topic? @Cutedogeisthebest, short as in Pixie, or as in the first photo?


First photo like the photo you gave us to see


You can do pixel as well,what is easier than you can do that


Alright. Both of you guys, Chibi, or my style?


Your plz but plz do puppies on it to!


I'll try to do dogs. But I have a very visual pic in my mind.


I'm starting Taco's first. His came first and it's gonna be easier XD


I made something but a bit fail


That's cute! Good job :D.


Thx @PotatoLover3 :smiley:


I love reading this book