New profile picture on the hopscotch app?



So on hopscotch there has been the same profile pictures for what seems like forever!

My idea: Remeber how there were a option for a profile picture (on the app) that has an avatar from the app? I think it would be a good idea to bring those back! But maybe everyone wants a totally new one! Well that’s a good idea to!

  • I want the old pfp’s back
  • I want a new pfp option

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Problem: THT is busy and might not have time to change this. Or that no one likes the new pfp’s so they quit (although that’s very unlikely)

Benefit for THT: all the pfp’s could be free EXCEPT for ONE which would cost 2.00 dollars, that pfp would also have to be the coolest so people would want to buy it! (Just an idea)

Benefits for the hopscotchers: People that use hopscotch show the app to their friends and their friends like to code and they see the brand new PFP’s and they like them so they join?! Hopefully they would like the new PFP’s and it encourages them to buy the one that costs money. (More of a THT benefit though)

I know someone I think made a topic for you to post your ideas, but that topic was d.ead.
Please feel free to post any ideas down below if you have an idea you’ve drawn or decorated you can post them here!

If you give me permission I will email all the ideas to THT and this idea!

I will be emailing THT my idea April 21, so the end of this week!
If you have any suggestions you may also post them here!
I hope I covered everything!
After reading this (if you did) I encourage you to answer the questions below!

  • I like this idea
  • I don’t like this idea

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@OMTL @Liza @awesomeonion
Could you tell me your thoughts on this?
(It’s fine if you can’t, I understand your busy)-Ducks_Happy


What would be cool is if they had an option to put initials on the pfps limited like 4 or 5 characters or something


Oh so like a custom one where you can write your username? Or like if you have a long name the initials!
If it’s ok with you and if you want to I can email them that when I email them the idea!
(I 'll give credit!)




Alright that’s fine, you can do that


I love the idea and all, but dont you think 2 dollars is a lot, just for a new avatar? I personally dont think many people would buy it, unless they could customize it therselves, then it would make sense. Again, the idea’s pretty neat but I think the price should be lowered down.


but again i think that would be only for if you have subscription :pp :////


wait wot

could someone explain a little more on what this means


you used tp be able to choose bear bird cupcake star girl etc


Yeah that was just a random price, I will take the idea into consideration :grinning:


oh that

so the old pfps


oh ok


Why does an avatar even matter

You’re looking for quality, not who has the best avatar

I vote i don’t care just do something I want


I totally agree although some people enjoy personalizing their stuff so maybe that’s why some people think this matters


New profile pictures would really be cool! I agree with you and hopefully THT can do this some time.