New profile picture! (Need help)



I need a new profile picture that I will have a long time. The problem is that I don't know what picture I should have. Can you help me with ideas for one? I will enjoy every idea I get.





Maybe a box with a question mark?


I need a picture!


how bout this?

It does have to do with boxes XD


It don't need to have with boxes to do


Maybe request a picture from @Valgo?


I know!
But I don't have any ideas


This website has 30 cool gifs.

Try searching gif in google @BB-Box ?


It don't need to be a gif!
And I want ideas from you all! I don't want to find it at my self


Oh. I just like having one as a profile pic. I otherwise have no ideas.


How bout this?


I can draw something for you too


I want something very unique.


I will draw something if you want. I drew the top and bottom thing


Come to my topic! It is impossible to replicate, and pretty cool!
Here's the link:


I can make one for you if you want!


Yes please!


What kind of picture? I have a great app for it, I can also find a picture online.
But I will probably make it tomorrow, I am logging off for today.


Can you make a random picture for me?


Do u want a more cute one
A punny one
A more inspirational and calming one
Or just a cool pic XD


What des the otml stand for?