New Profile Picture Help



Hello, everybody! I am HappyPerson. I want everyone to be happy with their profile picture. For example: I used to be a rainbow smiley face with earplugs, now I'm a baby chick. Big difference, but I'm happy. Just tell me what you like and I'll fix you up in no time!


This is like exploring an abandened building...
I've never seen an old topic with no posts... creepy

And btw what do you mean? I don't really understand the topic. XP


I just wanted people to give me their opinion on what my profile picture should be. Change or keep?

You are right, @TheRainbowChicken, it is kinda creepy. No posts in 4 months!!! It is weird. My topics aren't popular, really. Even though I have like 16 nice topics. I was sooo close to a great topic!


I haz an idea for an experiment... How about I post on of your old topics on my account to see if it's a consperacy XD


Okay, go ahead. Tag me though


Thaaaat one? How about my first?


I made it, let's compare each topic after a day...


This one:
Made May 2nd
7 posts

My one that I copied:
Made 8 minutes ago
8 posts