New Profile Picture! (AGAIN?! Wot)



New Animated Profile Picture!

THAT is so cool omg how


I coded it :0 (Not in hopscotch though, in an app called Codea)


Did they give you the objects or did you have to code them


I had to code it all. I used an app called assembly to make the graphics (go look it up on the App Store. It's really cool and free! :D)


Are the graphics the objects


That's so cool! How did you get the idea?


My brain gave my brain the idea. XD


In Codea, it uses text based code. That means there are no objects. Instead, there are classes, which are kind of like objects.


Nice! Which language did you use?


Codea uses Lua. It is a pretty easy text-based language to learn. I picked it up by playing around with the app.


I've been wanting to learn Lua as well as GameMaker code for a while. Maybe when I finish GameMaker stuff, I'll start Lua and build something awesome :smiley:


I saw this! Looks cool!


By the way, maybe you should crop out that greenish line on the right side of the picture. :P


This is soooo cool! Awesome job @Valgo! :ok_hand:


Much cool Zap!!

I'm thinking of maybe getting Codea now... wow suddenly I'm getting so many coding apps :0


Very cool :slight_smile:
I have heard of Lua, but I havenĀ“t tried it.


I don't even know how that got there :I ... And you also can't see it in the actual profile picture.


If you click on your picture (to go to your profile desc or whatever), you can see a bit of it. There are some awesome gif croppers online, by the way :slight_smile: