New profile pic? Bluedogmc!


I need a a new profile pic! I love the one I have now, but I can't find any gifs that I like.

If you find me a profile pic, just post it here! If I use yours, you win a follow and some likes!

It can be a gif, or whatever you want.


I also may use a few different ones, and change them often! Right now school is almost starting, so BTS pics would be cool!

I also love the low poly and dribble style gifs

Thanks again!


First reply yeas. I hope you liek this one



That is awesome! I will definitely consider that, once i see some other suggestions!

Thank you!



K coool. Just checking out some stuff


Here chu go :3


Is that Phil perry? Lol no


Thank you!


y'all we got a Phil Perry hater calling @Maltese


Your welcome :D


I'm not a hater, just not a fan...

Thanks pop tart for always making me laugh!


I posted a bunch of awesome gifs on the regular gym! They're really cool! :D


@bluedogmc-official I found a cool gif! :D

It doesn't really fit your name or anything, but it is an interesting gif and it might
make a cool profile picture.



@bluedogmc-official what chu say

jk I'm fine if you're not a fan XD


I like that!

Lol so many good choices.... I'll pick tomorrow!





Btw here's my kawaii foods I've drawn :DD

You can use any of them for your profile pic if you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Those are so cute! Thanks so much!