New Pixel Art Club! Members wanted please!



This sounds awesome! There are a few other challenges and collabs out there if you want to participate (like emoji of the week, pass-along collaborators, and the upcoming summer contest) but this one is unique to those and looks cool!

Forum name: Jedi4Jesus
Hopscotch name: Jedi4Jesus
Have you done any pixel arts before?: Nope, but I figure now is the best time to learn.
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10: 0 because I have no experience…lol
Will you do the challenges weekly?: Yes because it will be a learning opportunity
Other notes if any: Let me know when we start so I can make sure I’ve studied up on pixel art!


Forum name: WynterDiamond
Hopscotch name: WynterDiamond
Have you done any pixel arts before?: Yes
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10: 8
Will you do the challenges weekly?: For the most part, yes, but I may miss one or two.
Other notes if any: This sounds like a lot of fun!


I’m experimenting with a BB-8 Pixel art right now. I’m making it out of clones of the square block. Is that usually how people do pixel art, or do they use trails to do it? I know trails can be rounded sometimes.


We normally use trails to do it (circular, square, or “smooth”) but the clones and squares thing sounds really cool too :slight_smile:


.Just fill out the form please and you are in!


Just like @WynterDiamond said yes, most people use trails. Even I do. I would like to know how to do pixel art with cloning. Maybe after you are done share it with me? Also if you need any help I am here. Btw there are how to pixel art topi son the forum. Also there is a video hopscotch posted on YouTube a while ago. Check those out, they will help. The video is with the old hopscotch with no update but you will figure it out.

Also guys like I said the club will start when I have 7+ Members. And it will probably start from coming Tuesday maybe.

Here isone very useful forum topics using clones:


Thanks! I’ll make sure to check out the tutorial.


Okay, cool. I look forward to the club starting!


I tested with clones. Once I got the basics of the program ready it took me about an hour and a half to make it. With more practice, I could get faster, or I could see if trail art is quicker to code.

Basically squares of each color make clones of their color where they are needed. I made a grid and pointer to figure out where to set position. You could try looking at my code but it is a mess since I was experimenting.


Oh, that makes sense! Maybe I’ll try that :slight_smile:


Forum name: background_inc
Hopscotch name: background inc.
Have you done any pixel arts before?: multiple times
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10: 5?
Will you do the challenges weekly?: yep
Other notes if any: I might not be able to participate in all of the challenges before school ends (June 7th)


Thanks for joining! I will give the first challenge tomorrow it’s okay if you won’t be able to do it.


Honestly, you are a really quick learner!! How old are you? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.


I’m 15, I’m finishing up my sophomore year of High School. My previous experience with pixel art is Minecraft, I guess. I also looked at a picture of BB-8 pixel art but it didn’t look right, so I changed it a bit.


Hey guys!!!
Time for the first challenge!!!
This is gonna be a difficult one, tho…
So basically pixel an object that represents you. Or an object you relate to. It can be anything really…It’s for you to decide.
And there’s more :joy:… You have to write a small passage or poem about it (Don’t kill me…!).
Here is a example of mine:

Note: There will be only 2 winners for this challenge. The due date is next Tuesday night Indian time. Idk what time that is I will tell later. Also Please don’t judge me for this project, I did it when I was like 9.

Publish your projects on hopscotch and copy paste them on this topic.

Have fun!!! Toodles!!!







Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I think this is awesome. So we basically have a week, correct?


Cool! I’ll try to get started when I can. This seems fun!


Ooh cool challenge :)) I’ll try to complete it soon


My project is nearly finished but I still need to work on the poem/passage. I’ll be off wifi the next hour and a half due to traveling then I’ll be able to publish it.


Here it is: