New Pixel Art Club! Members wanted please!



Hey guys!
Its been a while since I was on Hopscotch and the forum. I was getting kinda bored because there were no challenges or anything. I was just thinking about Hopscotch when I had this idea.

So basically anyone can join the PAC (Haha. get it? See what I did there?). Here are some things about PAC:

  • There will be weekly challenges. (For ex. Fav. food and then you code a pixel of a slice of pizza. It won’t always be that easy though.)

  • The challenges will only be allowed to be done in pixel art.

  • There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe some honorable mentions.

  • There will be due date given, and you can either post your pixel on this topic or the app. (Please notify me if you do it one the app).

  • I would need at least the 7 people for this club. If I can’t get enough than I will not conduct it.

To sign up, fill out this form please:

Forum name:
Hopscotch name:
Have you done any pixel arts before?:
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10:
Will you do the challenges weekly?:
Other notes if any:

Ps: it doesn’t really matter what you write. This is just for some info about you for me.

Btw, on the app I am Riya Rocks :microphone::art: .
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed: :roll_eyes: :no_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :drooling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :laughing: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :joy: :grin: :grinning: :wink: :yum: :blush: :star_struck:

Members of the PAC

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Noice I’ll join for sure!


I will probably join later


Oh hey, you’re Riya Rocks? I once used your code from a mother’s day card in one of my projects for a poster in one of my accounts that I can’t access anymore…

Anyway, to get back on topic, this seems cool but I wouldn’t be able to join since I’m pressured with other things, so sorry but hey, I got to give someone credit for their code!


Cool! I had no idea. But how do you even remember all this?


Thanks for reviving my pixel art club! I won’t be here for the summer, so you can lead it.


abbrevation or idk how ya spell it
pass along collabers

im interested in joinin’, tho, so i’ll truly try to get on and do some stuff


I’ll joinnnnnnnn! dis is meh first comment but i’d like to join

even though I don’t know how to do pixel art :slight_smile:


Cool thanks! :blush:
Just fill out the form. And btw for being the first member you win 20 likes! That’s sound so odd. I am so weird. Anyway butterflies, purple, glitter! Plz don’t hate me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Post must be at least 20 characters


This sounds awesome! There are a few other challenges and collabs out there if you want to participate (like emoji of the week, pass-along collaborators, and the upcoming summer contest) but this one is unique to those and looks cool!

Forum name: Jedi4Jesus
Hopscotch name: Jedi4Jesus
Have you done any pixel arts before?: Nope, but I figure now is the best time to learn.
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10: 0 because I have no experience…lol
Will you do the challenges weekly?: Yes because it will be a learning opportunity
Other notes if any: Let me know when we start so I can make sure I’ve studied up on pixel art!


Forum name: WynterDiamond
Hopscotch name: WynterDiamond
Have you done any pixel arts before?: Yes
How much would you rate yourself on your pixels n a scale of 1 to 10: 8
Will you do the challenges weekly?: For the most part, yes, but I may miss one or two.
Other notes if any: This sounds like a lot of fun!


I’m experimenting with a BB-8 Pixel art right now. I’m making it out of clones of the square block. Is that usually how people do pixel art, or do they use trails to do it? I know trails can be rounded sometimes.


We normally use trails to do it (circular, square, or “smooth”) but the clones and squares thing sounds really cool too :slight_smile:


.Just fill out the form please and you are in!


Just like @WynterDiamond said yes, most people use trails. Even I do. I would like to know how to do pixel art with cloning. Maybe after you are done share it with me? Also if you need any help I am here. Btw there are how to pixel art topi son the forum. Also there is a video hopscotch posted on YouTube a while ago. Check those out, they will help. The video is with the old hopscotch with no update but you will figure it out.

Also guys like I said the club will start when I have 7+ Members. And it will probably start from coming Tuesday maybe.

Here isone very useful forum topics using clones:


Thanks! I’ll make sure to check out the tutorial.


Okay, cool. I look forward to the club starting!


I tested with clones. Once I got the basics of the program ready it took me about an hour and a half to make it. With more practice, I could get faster, or I could see if trail art is quicker to code.

Basically squares of each color make clones of their color where they are needed. I made a grid and pointer to figure out where to set position. You could try looking at my code but it is a mess since I was experimenting.


Oh, that makes sense! Maybe I’ll try that :slight_smile: