New Perspective: Fixing the Forum



Everybody knows that flame wars are breaking out, and people are quitting.
The forum is falling apart, we could all use a new approach.
So what can we do?
We can stop stating the opinions that start these arguments. No unrelated opinions means no unrelated arguments. I understand that if your LGBT you are proud of that, and that's who you are. But others may have a problem with that, so please don't state that you are.
I recently mentioned that I was Jewish, and some one told be to delete it because I might get bullied. I mean no offense to the one who told me, but if so, so should those who posted that they are LGBT.
This doesn't just apply to LGBT. This is applicable to all subjects that we disagree on, as long as it is not Hopscotch related. I am just using LGBT as an example since that is the hot topic right now.
I mean no offense, and I am not trying to change who you are. I am not saying anything bad about LGBT, I just think it is unrelated to Hopscotch, just like religion is. We don't go and have religious debates, and we shouldn't be having debates on LGBT.
If you are LGBT, stay that way. But please don't go on announcing you are because that makes some uncomfortable.
If you have problem with what I said, reply and we will work it out.

Things to do to make forum happy again

I agree, and "that some one" would be me, but I don't get offended on the forum.

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You're Jewish?



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