New people read



:grinning::smiley: hello new people who are new to hopscotch forum! Here you can chat with your friends, the hopscotch team, and more! Also, if you have any questions there should be text saying " ask a question" and if u have any problems, reply to this message. I hope u like hopscotch forum! :grinning::smiley:

P.S. I am new too!


@Girlsrule335 since you are new, I can teach you how to do things like change your profile icon, and have a description that you wrote pop up when you tap their icon! Just tell me if you want me to tell you how to do that, and I will be happy to tell you!


You can talk with your friends on Hopscotch, but make sure you don't stray off and talk about random things (since this forum is made for us to discuss Hopscotch) :wink::smiley: Hope you're enjoying the forum!


I am following u on hopscotch!!! I love your games:feet:


Ok but I think I already know how to do that bit thanks for offering


Ok. @Girlsrule335! Have fun on the forum!


No offence but I think the emojis are not relevant


Don't worry about the emojis @Bubblyoreo :smiley: there's no harm at all with this emoji :feet:


It wasn't that it was the title but it's fixed now