New or old hopscotch poll


New or Old?

  • New
  • Old
  • Unsure
  • Fix lag


Choose up to 4 options

I do not like new update how bout u guys?


I like it, it was just hard to get used to! :smiley:


What exactly is this poll about (what update)?


What do you mean? The subscriptions or the editor


I dont even have it so i chose them all lol


Im going to get the older hopscotch soon to work on something. So idk


sorry for miss communication. The update where the layout changed


Well, it depends on what version. If it was like last year in July, sure :D

But if it was like the beta stages of hopscotch



I'm ambivalent. I mean the subscription isn't that great but I dunno :P
But THT needs money...


Why is your account picture Windows XP?




Why is your account picture Ubuntu?


Because I use Ubuntu xD


why not? Windows is...


Windows XP is no longer supported. It is dangerous to use it because you can get malware very easily. I hope you don't use it xD


Well, kinda.


Lange as in gro├če :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok :stuck_out_tongue: