New "Open Url" block!



So I'm thinking this:

The block is

and it opens the provided link! Functions like a set text block for entering in the url.
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This would be so great @H4x0r!!!!!!! You could send an email to the Hopscotch Team to add this in a future update.


wait but because we can show videos by typing a url on the forum then people could post YouTube videos in a project and obviously someone will post a mean video or a inappropriate video on here and that would be bad

So let's wait a couple years until we do that

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You have a Good Point @Gabe_N!


This is a great idea but I will agree with @Gabe_N , I would also add that people can not only post urls about videos as they can be websites. This opens a gate for advertising.
Unless if this feature can only be handed to you if you're recognised as a real hopscotcher. Some topics talked about new block rewards and I think this should be the case.
I think that only people who
-recieved more than 50,
-published more than 3 projects,
-gave at least 50 likes
and are on hopscotch since one month
should unlock this feature


Or only the hopscotch team can give this privilege and WE have to earn it from the hopscotch team!


Yeppers. Good Point :deciduous_tree:


That would make sense, because there is also the possibility of scammers hacking people's iPads.


Um let's put that this way if it opens the URL in hopscotch that would cool


And there is a technique to allow everyone to add url's but only let the youtube ones.

Every youtube url starts with:*********



Hmmm... But if The Hopscotch Team makes this block, advertising might come in! I must agree with @TromaxTheDestroyer . But it is best to give it a shot! Maybe a short trial of it would do, right?


Well how about: We can link to other people's projects! Click the ... and then Share and then Copy to get the link. We could link projects?

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You may choose up to 2 options.


Good idea @H4x0r but then someone could paste a YouTube link in that and it probably would make the video in the project and that would make the same problems


Yeah @H4x0r like @Gabe_N said, that's a good idea. Maybe to get around people posting links outside of Hopscotch like YouTube, they could make it somehow so it checks the URL to make sure it's a Hopscotch project. All Hopscotch project URLs start with so if a link doesn't start with that, the app won't open it.

This would be a really cool feature if you're making a series of projects, like a movie for example. Then at the end, you could have a button that says "Tap here to go to the next part" and then it would open the link of the next project in the series for you :smile: I'm not sure if it's possible but that would be very cool.


Oh my gosh that is a perfect idea @t1_hopscotch! Go here to see a little example of it. :smirk: Hope this helped, please don't flag! :triangular_flag_on_post:


so one thing, it could bring you to a hacking website!


i dont know if you read the past things, but we were planning to do like only projects. example here.


sorry i flagged but hey. people see this and makes them disprove this.


All good @H4x0r we all make mistakes :sweat_smile:


One issue though about linking one project to another is that the project you want to link must have a link of its own. Maybe we can do this in this way:
Project A

Set project link ( )

And then in another project, the one with the link to Project A, we put the code as mention by @t1_hopscotch like this:

Project B

When ( Bear is tapped ) 
Open project link ( )

That way, it's possible to have the person tap an object that links to the next one.

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