New on the forum! No pls no


I on the forum now! I'm here to tell updates and questions. You can see more about me in my account!




Hello welcome to the forum! type @huggingfluffybear if you need help it sends me a notification!

  • hello
  • you wanna know how to do a poll?
  • YES
  • NO!



Welcome to the forum! Check out the Community Guidelines!


If you do do this
- hello
- cools

Do that but at the end do this [/poll]


And don't capitalize "Poll"!




This is exsactly what you do!

- option one
- option two
- option three


Greetings! I didn't notice that you were on the forums! Welcome!



I have nothing else better to do.

and revive


Hi! Im new on the forum :000000


Anyway what do I do????? >:0

Y old pix


ok then

As you all know I dont really like minecraft :rolling_eyes:

ok help idk what else to put


U actually used emojis

Omg ur cringier than me yes



Your still cringy

Just look at your youtube
Everything is cringy
no matter what

im cringy to
just wait


my brightness keeps going down pls it's a glitch help!!! :tired_face:


No I'm not cringy

I'm different


I already gave this speech ok




well diffrent is cringy then ok


No I'm different not cringy