New OceanPad coming soon!



Hey guys, recently I've been in a collab with OceanFlow:whale:, And we are making a drawing pad called OceanPad. She will publish it when we are done, here is what we have so far!

Everything will be sorted in color order, and there will be skin colors, of course. What do you think? Are they any colors we should add? Please answer in the reply section!



PS: no you can't help make the drawing pad, it's only me and OceanFlow:whale:


That's really good! I like the set up:wink: Maybe you should add some purples and violets?!


Ok, I will tell OceanFlow:whale: About that


Anyone else have suggestions?


I really don't get why people say I'm popular...... I barely get any replies until I say "first reply gets free likes!" :sweat_smile:


More colors between the hues between the hues 150-180?


Those were mostly the green-blue colors tbh


I only saw the hues between 90-150, and 180-240, in the screenshot, but I may be colorblind.


Oh ok, but then some colors might look alike