**NEW** New Years 2017 Topic- MÁS PERSONAS POR FAVOR!



Last topic is closed and I'm OK with that, a fresh start is much better in my opinion, too. It kinda promoted hacking like @Poptart2019 and @Follow4LikesOfficial were saying, and I agree 100%!
Here is a list of to-dos
1) Change Pass
2) Clean Up Drafts
I think we should stop accepting people that "work" on the account, but from now on I will accept people that will help out but not necessarily make the bigger decisions, it's just much easier on my side, I'm super overwhelmed.
Hmmmmm. What else...... I'll add on later my mind is blanking....


We should have an event hosted for the Oscars! No one was on for the Grammy's :T


Yeah I wasn't allowed. Still, my mind is blank on what I was gonna say...


Do you want me to email THT to change the password? And yes, we should do something for the Oscars.


Sure, but can we wait for everybody else to get onto this topic without causing confusion?
@Fifithefunnyflower @cherrycupcake @PopTart0219 @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @Sparkczy
I think this is everybody in the collab that have not been active on the new topic!


Can I join the account? Please?


Hi @Horseflowernc! Welcome to the forum!


hmm... I'm really busy at the moment, but maybe some other people on the account can help you. We don't have any more account spots left, but you can help out.


Please. I can help. I don't have to be major. Please?


We're really sorry, but we have a lot of people.


Thank you. I like your logo.


I think you said I could join once but it's okay!!


Sure. If you have any ideas though, please tell us.


You can help out!
what on earth am I doing on here I still have studying... this is the one day when I can't think straight...


Thank you. I know the password. View the draft People please read.


Should I change the password now?


I think once we get people on the new topic, we are going to change the password because it was visible on the other topic.


Please don't. I want to be part.


Ok, this is really dis organized.


We need to wait for the rest of the group to get on, like @CherryCupcake and @Fifithefunnyflower. Then we can change it once everybody is aware!