*New* New Block Ideas In Hopscotch

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Hello! JonnyGamer here, and this will be the official list of new block ideas for Hopscotch! Feel free to comment below your block idea, and how it’ll help Hopscotch, and I’ll add it in this post. Thanks!
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For some reason, opening Math Operators, and then Movement causes a bug sometimes.

When Blocks (1)

If (___) is Pressed/Not Pressed
How it’ll help: Buttons, The Geometry Dash Rocket Phase, a lot of cool ideas!
Really Advanced Piano Tiles
Being able to toss or fling objects by dragging and releasing them. Like that Arcade Ball game

Mathematical Operators (4)

Plus or Minus Operator
How it’ll help: Quadratic Equations; Roots and Radicals

Nth root Operator
How it’ll help: Then we don’t need to say 2^(1/3) to mean the 3rd root of 2. It’s easier to understand.

The Complete Set of Boolean Operators (Logic Gates)
How it’ll help: Now we can do a bunch of stuff using Binary and can create Calculators and Mini Computers!

and, or, not, xor, if then, if and only if, etc.

Factorial Operator!
How it’ll help: Factorials are great!

Movement (2)

Approach Point Block
How it helps: This Block tells an object to approach a certain point on the screen. Then, you’ll be able to watch it smoothly move towards that point without needing to use pesky trig functions or watch it jaggedly move in the x axis, then y axis, then x…

Turn object towards a point
Now you don’t need to know Trigonometry to be able to do this!

Looks and Sounds (10)

Change Image Block
How it’ll help: Actually can make animations

Create Sound Block (Maybe 3sec limit per block)
How it’ll help: Create personalized music
Cons: THT will need to review your project if you use this

Adjusting the Volume of Sounds
How it’ll help: Now you can create music with Fortissimo and other music stuff. You can make things quite or loud without the user manually changing the volume with the device

Text Concatenation
How it’ll help: Now you can add texts together to make one long paragraph, or one of those cool randomized paragraphs

A Legitimate Z-Axis
How it’ll help: Now we can use the Send to Front and Send to Back and change it to Set Layer (_)

Note Type
Allows you to set different types of notes for music. Ex) [Play (Quarter) Note (G#)]

Set Pixel
So you can pixelise an object on a grid without having to use those lag king Unicode blocks, nor have to use a clone for each colour.]

Playing Multiple Notes at the Same Time
Hey, then we can create real harmonies without it sounding like 5 notes in ascending order real quickly.

Set Layer Block
How it’ll help: Now you can set the layer of an object without using the pesky “send to back” or “bring to front” bricks.

Now you can add text together! “Hello” + “World” = “Hello World”

Drawing (2)

Choosing Color with a Color Wheel
How it helps: When assigning to a specific color, it’d be cool to see the entire color wheel and being able to choose a specific color instead of searching the web for the right HSB/RGB

Trail Transparency
How it helps: Now you can choose the transparency of a trial, and instead of a trail completely overlapping another trail, it just blends to make a new color.

Variables (3)

Global Variable Assigning
How it helps: Assign all variables a specific number

Using “&” when assigning Variables
How it helps: Set chosen variables to a specific number using one block. Ex) [Set (Var1) & (Var2) to 7]

Input Variable
How it helps: Keeps track of a user’s input. You can find the nth (input) Fibonacci number just by typing a number! The number is then run through the code and then outputted. Neat!

• When (input) = 7
• Repeat (input) times
• Now quizzes don’t have to be multiple choice?
• If (input) = “random text”
• etc.

Control Flow (1)

Delete Clone Block
How it helps: Now you can delete clones so that it frees up space! Ex) [Delete up to (15) Clones]

Entirely New Ideas!

None Yet

Alrighty! Hope this helps!

Other Topics that I’ll add links to:
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Yay! Now I can post my ideas!


I have to see the Trail transfer act has a
Ready been added, it’s called saturation, in HSB.


It’s be cool as an update you could do Augmented Reality. Turn the camera on and play hopscotch. That’d be so cool!


It still overlaps other colors, though

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We have that in the new beta.


Oooooh boy! I’m excited!

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@JonnyGamer check it all out here




ALso: you can add images without the subscription, but they won’t be able to be uploaded to Hopscotch’s servers unless you subscribe.


That’s awesome sausages!!!




Note Type
Allows you to set different types of notes for music. Ex) [Play (Quarter) Note (G#)]



  • Log (base 10 and base 2, maybe even base as an input) - encoding/decoding data & other cool stuff with math


  • Arrays - Using clones just as a workaround for not having arrays is highly inefficient
  • :cloud: variables - Cloud variables, persistent variables stored in the cloud
    • :globe_with_meridians::cloud: variables - a global variant, every project can read/write these. E.g., for high scores
    • :house_with_garden::cloud: variables - a local variant, only applicable to a given user. E.g., for saving game progress


  • Repeat until (_____) - can be done using recursion, but most Hops won’t know how to do that
  • Select Case - alternative to nested conditionals


  • greater than or equal (>=), less than or equal (<=) conditionals

Makeing clones there own shape

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Yeah I said greater than or equal to and less than or equal to but everyone was like you can do that just by using or