New name survey for code pro



This is already on hopscotch, but please vote for out new name for our account Codepro​:sunglasses:

  • keep name
  • coding studio
  • Philip the coder
  • supreme3


Please if you vote dragon coders post "dragon coders" here on forum


You look like you like dragons, maybe "Dragon Coders"?


Sure okay i added it


How do you get that font? And you can add poll options.

  [size=20] this text [/size]

This is how you do it @tankt2016


Cool! Thanks! It's amazing!


Welcome @tankt2016 just ask us if you have anymore questions


The poll gas decided we're staying with the name stay tuned for a new website comingsoon for us!


Wow i just got 3 supporter badges! (don't flag I know its kind of of topic)