New name-Fox Tail



I haven't memntioned this until now but I'm thinking about a new name. Fox Tail. How does that sound? Please reply with your opinion


Is your favourite animal a fox? If so, I l:heart:ve the idea for your new name! I think it so original and funky!


I think it'll sound great because the name is very classic, simple and original!


Well my two favorite animals are wolves and foxes. My friend came up with the name. She is writing her own Warrior Cats series and she made all her friends into cats and she made me Fox Tail so I thought that it also sounded like a good hopscotch name


Well, I wish I had a friend like that! Tell her it is such a cool name for you and your Hopscotch account and I wouldn't hold back on changing it, although I would post a project telling all your fans about the change before actually changing your name! :cat::yum:


Yeah, but I'm still thinking about it.....


How about FoxyWolf? Since you like wolfs and foxes?


I don't think so. That reminds me too much of fnaf, which I don't want. So.....yeah. Sorry


Oh... Okay! :ok_hand: twentycharacters