New mysterious leader?!?!

This person joined less than a day ago. It says the account is a part of discourse staff, but that gets me wondering…

Why is discourse staff even on our forum? They’re never gonna be active, so why would they join?


That's interesting....
First! XD

I just saw that 2! Who are you @techAPJ?!?!?!

Also first reply.

EDIT: nvm, not first... ;-;

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Where did you see it?

discourse staff joins all the forums made from them I think maybe idk

it's like how there is a @discourse

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Hmm I wonder why he joined.....


to monitor the forum idk

But why did s/he join today?

idk, maybe it's a new discourse thing?

i've looked around the internet and found this:

looks like some code for discourse forums


I JUST figured discourse and hopscotch work together lol



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:open_mouth: They must work in the same building together at their addres.s!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, I haven't told anyone, but I found the location of their building on google street view.

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Please give me the location or screenshot!

I don't think I should do that. A lot of people would just start showing up.

Hello Everyone :wave:

I am Arpit from Discourse team. :slight_smile:

I joined this forum to debug a issue reported by site admin.

Discourse employees work remotely. I work from India. :wink:


I was your first view! :D
@Zachyswag, I noticed this two hours after he came! I was going to make a topic but then I read his profile.


Sorry, but nope, I was the first :stuck_out_tongue:
I viewed him after first 20 minutes he joined (sorry for bad grammar)

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You actually only forgot one word!

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Sorry... English isn't my native language...