New Music: Imperial March


I published a new music project. It's the imperial march with a small pixel art in it. I would be happy if I got some response.
Here's the link:




Was it related to me?


You can use it if you want.


Music sounds a bit out of tune.



I don't think so.


You forgot some sixteenth notes.


Good advice but next time dont be too harsh :D


thats actually pretty cool


That's really cool and sounds awesome!!


No, that tunes isn't at hopscotch so I couldn't make it :wink:


It is quite good !!!!!! ,


You could've changed the timing to fit. Yes, there are decimal points in the new update.


If you think it's bad then leave this topic and make at yourself


Sounds great.
You put allot of effort into it.


Awesome job!! Sounds super good!


Thank you soooo much


It sounds really good and the pixel art is amazing!
A really good project!


Sounds really good! One suggestion is that the beginning, the repeating notes at the beginning could be regular notes instead of the drum thing.
Some of the notes are slightly out of tune. It's barely noticeable, though especially if you don't play an instrument.


Thank you.


I nominated it for featured.