NEW Music Contest!


Hi everyone! I'm making a new (secret) game and it needs not one, not two, but THREE songs! If you're interested, fill out the "form" below!

Example music link (if you can):
On a scale of 1-10, rate your music

The music has some requirements, too! It must be
-A "current" song, or something you can hear on the radio today
- Hopscotchified version less than 3 minutes long
- Have lyrics

Have fun and thanks for reading!


Here's a like!:heart:


I am making Ode To Joy, by Ludwig van Beethoven. Is that considered "current"? It is played on the piano.


No, sorry. By current I mean songs like Hello


Do they have to be American? I can translate the lyrics easily.

#6 doesn't matter, I just wanted songs not like "Canon in F"
I'm excited now!


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When does the competition end?


Is the mission impossible theme song considered new?


I nominate GreenMushroom72! He/she did an amazing song. (I think it was hello by Adele.)


I only use music when given permission! :wink: I don't know whether or not s/he is ok with me using the song!


Sure! Why not! 20202020


March 1st! Thank you for doing the contest BTW you are one of my fave Hopscotchers!


Alright then. It is a really cool song though. :slightly_smiling:


dat awkward moment when ur inspiration Hopscotcher says ur their fave

Anyway, thanks!

My mind came up with a random idea while playing badminton:
Are we allowed to mash-up two different songs? It's okay if I can't; just curious!


Oh right, I need to fill out the form...

USERNAME: XiaoMiaoMi [小喵咪]
SONGS: "Little Apple", and (possibly) "A Traditional Sort of Style".
RATING MY MUSIC: Probably 7. I'm not that good with bass lines, but I'm really good with syncopated rhythms.


Of course! Just make sure both songs fit the requirements. :wink:


It's too bad we can't upload our own created music into hopscotch. Xylaphones are nice, but it's so limited!


Agreed @BincBrega1! .


Yeah, I play percussion in real life, so I could mix together some drumset, xylophone, and some other small instruments like the vibraslap and slapstick.