New Monopoly Collab Topic


Hey! This is the new collab topic!
@MagmaPOP @PopTart0219 @OrangeScent1 @Valgo @Work_kids_coding @justanerd @Zane2


Here is the most updated version of the board:


Newer Version:


This is going to be the best


awesome! I had no Idea how much the board had been updated! I'll get along to adding the programming for the pieces then? (sensing where the piece is, sensing dice, motion itself, etc, after I make the dice though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Sorry, can I be the one liking everything and giving feedback?

  • sure
  • remember not to not anything out of your power
  • the more the merrier
  • maybe
  • dunno?
  • no
  • noway



newerer version:


That board is lagging like CRAZY! @MagmaPOP


I don't kind it that bad?


one question, can you explain the every part of your comment?


He meant "I don't find it that bad?"


The laggyness, sorry for the confusion!


np, lag... it happens to everyone :grimacing:


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Its really bad, the Chance and Community icons are moving their places, and the music is horrifying at the beginning, there's also a black screen; who put that there or is that just a glitch?


Everyone: The rest of the game can't be too fancy. @MagmaPOP the board is lagging WAY TOO MUCH, so you probably can't add shadows to the characters. :confused:


the black screen is me hiding random parts of the board taking thier places, it's a loading screen but it's too short to really need to show a loading icon, and it's huge, y wouldn't it lag?


Oh! @justanerd


Do you know who's working on it right now?


I'm not, but I'm working on characters,
sorry, I've been a lot slow last week, but I'm working full steam now!
@Work_kids_coding , have you gotten some characters done?