New minecraft game! I worked really hard, please check it out!



Hi everyone!

I recently made and published a new minecraft game!
I was inspired by @CreationsOfaNoob, and I worked really hard on the graphics. I used clones a lot, so my iPad kept crashing in the making!

Anyway, here's the link:

I need feedback and tips, thanks!


That looks amazing! Nice job!


It certainly does look amazing! Especially the part where it says April Fools!


Wow! I can't believe there is a
April fools mods in minecraft!


You guys are all awesome!


Aaah... Should have understanded it :joy:


I made something like this and the hopscotch team liked it!!!!


Love it! :clap::smile:


I love all the hardcore graphics. 100000/1


You did indeed work very hard on the graphics! So good how the Aprils fool was set out!