New magmapop topic about his space adventure


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Plz stop doing this topic.


I'm pretty sure MagmaPOP is an alien who lives on Mars. His projects are too good for him to be a human :smiley:


That's a lie, if NASA round any alien life on mars, they old have told us.


Mars has not been completely explored. There are still many places, such as underground caves or in craters that we haven't looked. I bet MagmaPOP lives in a crater.


I bet he lives in a hidden spring deep inside a crater! Using the small space as a swimming pool
That's my theory anyways :joy:


You could theoretically live on mars for quite a while... I would love to see a reality show about MagmaPOP and his adventures in space!


I drew what I assume MagmaPop looks like :relaxed:
I'm not sure what they wear on the Moon/Mars but I drew them wearing a V589p suit like here on Satellite 5, at least, what we wear when we leave the station
Edit: man, I missed the whole thing 🙁 Oh well.. Happy Holidays everybody!


There IS life on Mars, but they are not INTELLIGENT life. Or at least, until now... @MagmaPOP I guess is one of the few Martians who are intelligent and can speak human language.

Wait... If I said human language, that means....



Oh well. Then Chinese isn't one of your 300 languages.

Open me for a secret


By the way, have you met this human from earth? His name is Matt Damon. His space craft crashed on your planet.