New Jobs (Very Fun!)


I wanted to make a very fun little job thing on the forum/ hopscotch so can we make a notices workers we need all these people!

Creators (who creat the people's blog pages on forum and hopscotch we need 4 of them!

Editors (people edit the pages for any typos/miss spells we need 3 of them!)
2. @MudFlowerCat
pickers (they get to pick the random people we do blog pages about for them!)


Can I be a picker? (I just noticed how weird that sounded...)


Cool! I will invite people here!


Ok I'll put you on start picking ok?


Ok, do I tell you the person here?



augh 20 letters man!


For the 20 letters, or 20 characters, type this:
< with no spaces >
And it'll be invisible! :D


Can I be a picker or editor?

I gotta tell you but I'm not really good at spelling so..


ok your the last picker


Would I be able to be an editor? :)


yep there you go!
(. )


Thank you! :D


Start to think of people too right now please! I know that's the pickers job but there not on so please?


Sure! :smile:
Maybe you should tag or invite the picker when you need them, so they know they are needed. :)


@minioncandy I need u to pick people!


just tell me when you find a kind person ok!


Ok :D





You're welcome! :)


@stick88 have you thought of someone? :)