New(ish) block q&a: what does "broadcast message" mean?

@waffle what does broadcast message mean?


Do you know scratch?


@Leaders this should be a new topic a few people have been asking this.

It broadcasts a message.
Basically, there is a list. Usually it is empty, but broadcast message adds the value of its parameter to this list. You can use “when I hear message” and “when message matches” to check if some message is in the list.

You can use this to tell other objects what to do, or even tell the current object what to do.

It’s not actually a list, it’s two sets, but that is harder to explain with.


Broadcast message will send a message to other objects in your projects without variable changes. If you want an object to act, just type


The exact block description is: This block will broadcast a message of your choosing. Then, if you create a rule using the ‘When I get message’ block, the rule will execute when the message gets broadcasted.

For example, When game starts: broadcast message (hi) When I get message (hi): set text to (hello)


It’s something like sending a message

Imagine someone has trained a dog. When the person says “Greenery,” the dog will not do the action for “Sit.” But if the person says “Sit,” the dog will sit.

So that is how the broadcast message block works. If one object broadcasts the message, “Llama” another object or multiple other object will do the action for “Llama,” while if a block broadcasts the message “Emoji” the other objects won’t do the “Llama” action, they would do the “Emoji” action if they have something to do.

When you broadcast an message, use a when i (hear?) message block to sent the messages

When you brocast one, e.g sun, then you say, when I get a message ‘sun’, then set invisibility 0 or something

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Guys. I tested the block. You can go to MethylBTD on the hs app and see my latest post.

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Try to test every block…each of them have its use

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He asked that because this block is in scratch

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Alright then.

Broadcast Message sends out a public message, that is visible by all objects in a project.

If you decide to “get message” then you would add the purple block

When I get Message (Insert Message Name)

And then you can Insert Your Code inside of the purple block.

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Broadcast message block is used to send messages to other objects or itself, it can be used anywhere (maybe its a community requested block? idk)

Example: sending the broadcasted message “start” will send the message “start” to the objects that have the (magenta?) block “when i get message “start””.

Its in scratch too and it is really useful.


Correct. When an object with the kinda When I get a message, it can perform a task.


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