New Imagination is cool, so use it here! #2


Copy from original. This sould not have been blocked
So people say they come from Mars and they are really old like 2000 years and people get mad for a reason so imagination is fun it's cool so I think we should encourage that like making up stuff we can get a brains moving and it's fun so use imagination it's fun!

Bye, from the fluffy bear


Could you explain that more, pweeez?


The old one got bolcked when it souldent have


The new one has already been made by someone else...


Realy? What is the link?


Uh there is one in lounge and one is


But Thats not the same.


No, it is. It doesn't have the same name but it is the same.
@Liza @Rodrigo please close this.


Dont no how to close it just dont respond and it will be forgoten